Sueann Bettison-Sher Custom Pique Assiette Mosaics Custom Mosaics for Interior and Garden
Custom Design
Frog Pond Birdbath

Let Sueann craft a special custom piece for you. Based on an initial consultation, she will create a beautiful work of mosaic art for your home or garden. Custom projects include birdbaths, vases, Memory Frames and mosaic work inlaid in flooring, around decking, and on outdoor fireplaces. See the gallery for more ideas. Contact Sueann Bettison Sher to discuss the possibilities.

  • Memory Frames can include your own special family heirloom pieces and can be made with custom colors or china pieces. See an example
  • A favorite vase or plate that has broken can also be made over into a new piece of art. See an example or browse the gallery for more ideas.
  • Sometimes a custom made gift is exactly what is needed. The piece featured at the right was commissioned by a group of teachers who wanted a going away present for their principal. The pique assiette birdbath is now the pride of the principal's garden.

Because every Sueann Bettison Sher mosaic is unique and meticulously made, the piece you commission will take time to create. Like the finest wines produced in nearby vineyards, Sueann's work is well worth the wait!


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